Help & FAQs

MOQ is the minimum number of orders you source from suppliers. Each supplier has different levels of MOQ with specified prices on that level but usually starts from 1000pcs. If for customized products, the MOQ usually starts from 3000pcs.

For small & medium business owners, HDI will negotiate the MOQ with suppliers to satisfy clients’ needs.

Step1, find suppliers from China online and offline platforms.

Step2, Source samples from different suppliers to compare qualities and price

Step3, Collaborate with 3rd party logistics to arrange the shipment.

Step4, Decide the supplier you want to collaborate and place orders with MOQ again.

Find suppliers from China online platform like, and 1688.

Find suppliers from China Fairs, like canton fair. Because of pandemic period, most of China fairs provide online exhibition which is a good way to find suppliers.

Collaborating with HDI to get all suppliers’ database from online and offline channels is the most efficiently way to find suppliers.

For samples, if they are not available samples or if you need customized samples, it will take 3-5 working days. For MOQ orders, it will take around 30days for goods’ ready. For OEM and ODM, it will take more than a month since it take more time on designing and printing on package, logo, manual, and thanks card.

You can find logistics company from social media like LinkedIn or use the logistics solution manufacturers offered.

You can also work with HDI’s logistics solutions, since HDI not only has its own logistics team but also collaborates with local logistics companies. You can select the freight plan by air or by sea to compare the prices, delivery time and insurance.