How Can You Benefit From HDI’S Logistics Solution

How Can You Benefit From HDI’S Logistics Solution

Generally purchasers will source products from more than 1 suppliers and sometimes the costs on the logistics sometime are greater than products’ costs. It will also take purchasers’ time to deal with customs for each shipment to get all products.

So how can HDI be helpful on global logistics?

With HDI’s consolidated warehouse, HDI repackages all products together in one shipment to reduce the costs for shipping separately. Also, purchasers will save their time to do the customs to get all products in one time.

When you place an order, HDI’s logistics team will arrange the date of airfreight and ocean freight according to the products’ readiness. Before the shipping of products, our logistics person will check the products again and shoot pictures to clients to get confirmation and then we will arrange the shipment.

Therefore, In HDI’s one-stop solution, what our clients need to do are placing orders and making payments, and HDI will take the rest of steps to make the whole process easy and transparent.

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