How To Benefit From HDI’s Sample Consolidation?

How To Benefit From HDI’s Sample Consolidation?

Sourcing samples is the key to find the right products for long-time sourcing, and you need to source as many as samples in one time, and compare their qualities, prices and functions to make the right decision.

Generally, purchasers are not only source from one factory and on average they will source 3-5 factories’ products to decide the supplier they have collaborate with. But it takes purchasers time and energy to track each order’s logistics status and deal with customs again and gain.

So How to arrange your orders more efficiently?

Consolidated Warehouse:

After HDI gets purchasers’ orders from different factories, HDI will provide the ware- house’s address to suppliers to deliver. On HDI’s consolidated warehouse, the warehouse staff will repackage all products to make sure clients can get all products in one time.

Convenient Payment:

Paid to different factories will cost on extra transfer fees and time. So HDI can help to get payments from purchasers in one time and pay to different suppliers through domestics payment method like Alipay to save time and transfer fee on payments.

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