How To Benefit From HDI’S Suppliers?

How To Benefit From HDI’S Suppliers?

In China, the well-known and platform to B2B source is And I believe above 90% purchaser has sent inquiry through this platform to find appropriate suppliers.

But this also means your competitors find their suppliers through similar way and get similar products and price to compete with you.


In Quantity

HDI’s supplier database contains more than 5000 manufactures in each category, and each of the factory has at least 5 years of experience to offer professional services and good quality products.

In Channels:

HDI collects data from an online platform like Alibaba, offline China Fairs like Canton Fair, and domestic factories of each city. With huge suppliers’ data from different channels, purchasers easily find more competitive products.

In Timeliness:

According to the purchaser’s requirements on products’ price and quality, HDI can provide 5-10 suppliers with their introduction, products’ catalog, certification, and readiness in one time to satisfy your selection needs.

In Control:

HDI offers daily report to clients with the orders’ readiness, quality check, and logistics status to help clients to monitor and control their orders daily.

In Communication:

HDI will help clients on communication with domestics speakers via phone call or WeChat to get suppliers’ feedbacks.

With HDI’s supplier database, you will save your time on talking numerous suppliers to find the right products. What you need to do is look at the docs we offer, select the products you want, and then place an order and then waiting for daily updates of your orders’ status.

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